What is the Hyper Growth Playbook all about?

The Basic Idea:

Here’s the process we use to help you multiply your leads and revenue:

Survey: You complete a short survey so we can learn about your business.

Kick-off Call: An hourlong kickoff call with the Growth Marketing Pros.

Brainstorm: We'll take it back to the lab and create the list of marketing channels and growth tactics.

Customize: We assemble the 5 most actionable, revenue generating tactics and deliver them to you in a 10 page guide (with step-by-step instructions on execution)

Review: Then we review it all on an hourlong follow-up call.

Who will benefit from this?

Here is the requirements to know if you will benefit from getting a Hyper Growth Playbook:

#1 You want to grow your business, without having to experiment on untested methods of marketing.

#2 You want to skip the mistakes your competitors are making and get to the stuff that actually works.

#3 You are NOT looking for a get rich, get tons of followers, get a bunch of likes, quick scheme. You actually want to get REAL attention and results from your marketing budget.

Why the SMARTEST founders invest in the Hyper Growth Playbook?

We want you to stay focused. Marketing is not rocket science. You're smart enough to figure it out if you had all the time in the world. But you don't. You're busy building an awesome product.

We want you to hit your goals. No matter the size of your budget or timeline, we'll provide the tactics you need to follow in order to get customers for your business.

We're not afraid to get creative. Yes we focus on social media and digital content, but we don't discount other mediums of staying omnipresent. Have you thought about this product change, PR tactic or field marketing approach? Because we have, and it might be the secret to unlocking growth.

We actually do this stuff. We practice what we preach every day. Just go look at our content, follow us on social media, and even come to our live events. You will see what we mean.