Portable Live Broadcasting

When you are LIVE streaming you are authentic, trusted, and favored by social media algorithms. You will expedite the process of becoming "the King" of your industry thru LIVE. Whether it is for a one day event, or a daily LIVE show, we can take care of all of your LIVE streaming needs.

    Multi-camera production.
    Large Screen Projection, IMAG.
    Streaming to any social media platform.
    Multiple location streaming
    International events, Global streaming
    Live Moderated Social Media commenting integration
    and so much more!

How it works:

Step 1

Contact Us!

We want to know all the details of your LIVE streaming desires.

    What are you streaming? Who is your audience?
    Do you need a social media strategist to help you maximize the reach?
    Do you want our portable broadcasting system? or Do you want us to build you a full streaming studio system?
    Identify how we can directly impact your customer conversion.

Step 2

Prepare For Streaming

We will gather any graphics and cues we need for logos, titles, slides, etc.

    What is the program and how will the presentation be given?
    Is there going to be any slideshows or videos?
    Integrate the program into the system to run as seamless program.
    Create any Ads or Premieres to generate more audience engagement.

Step 3


We will be there to produce your LIVE stream and you generate the valuable content.

    Production crew to cover all streaming bases.
    Switcher engineer to keep digital program flawless.
    LIVE engagement from your audience.
    Recording of your entire LIVE broadcast.